Thursday, November 12, 2009

Believe vs. Faith

Believe vs Faith ... often times people say they have faith, or are walking by faith, when in truth, they are simply walking in belief. Is there a difference? Very much so. Although WHAT you believe may be that which is also faith, doesn't mean it is faith in you. Most believe the world is round, but although it may be faith, it is not faith in most who believe. Most believe because of science or mental assent, but are not walking in faith. FAITH comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Faith is based on God's Word, not our situations, circumstances, science, or anything else. God's Word tells us the earth is round, and if we believe based on God's Word, then in truth, we are walking by faith. Belief is not what receives from God ...FAITH receives from God. Faith is our foundation because it is based on the Word of God. God's Word cannot be shaken, even in the midst of the worst onslaught of darkness. If we do not have that foundation of God's Word, then our belief may waiver. Many Christians today, are walking in BELIEF (because their pastor said, or a preacher said, or a friend said), they are not walking in FAITH (because God said). Just a thought.

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