Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Miracle is in You!!!

I'm going to allow you to look up, and read the following verses:
   1Kings 17:12
   John 2:3
   Joshua 10:12
   2Kings 6:6
   Ephesians 2:1
   Ephesians 3:20
   Philippians 2:13
   Colossians 1:29
   Romans 8:11


  • extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention into human affairs; can only take place when there is a crisis that requires divine intervention and human efforts have failed.


  • disciples fished and caught nothing (until the miracle);
  • loaves and fishes;
  • water into wine;
  • Elijah, the widow and her son;
  • Elisha and the woman with the little jar of oil;
  • Lazarus from the grave;
  • birth of virgin - became the hope of all the world;
  • (all came to the end of themselves, thus creating the environment for a miracle)

God will overpower natural law when there is need for a miracle.


  • Joshua, in battle, needed the sun to remain. God put the universe on hold;
  • prophets borrowed an axe for building a school, axe head flew off into water, man of God spoke, axe head began to swim;
  • money in fish's mouth;
  • Peter walks on water;
  • miracle of the resurrection

Miracles break through the limitations that we have.
  • While the source of miracles is God, the power to release them is in YOU.
  • The reason many don't receive their miracles is because they don't know how to release or ignite it.
  • "All things are possible to him who believes (has the substance of a miracle working in him)."         -Mark 9:23
Where do I start?
  • Define what power is at work in you.
  1. Ephesians 2:1-12 ... No miracle can take place in the sons of disobedience.
  2. Ephesians 3:20 ... There IS a "... spirit (power) ... working in the sons of obedience."
  3. Sanctify yourself so the miracle in you can be released. Before there can be individual miracles, there must be a corporate miracle. (i.e.: In the Promised Land were individual miracles.)
  4. Before the individual miracles, there had to be a miracle at Jericho, where they all came into agreement as one.
  5. God had to get them ready as a corporate body (everybody). If you don't "walk around the walls," we don't get the corporate miracle.
  • Be specific about your miracle.
  1. An egg within a woman, which holds the potential for a miracle, lies dormant until it is fertilized.
  2. In every seed is a miracle, but it must be planted in good soil and watered, and that seed comes alive!
May God bless you abundantly, and make you a blessing to others!

Presiding Apostle/Prophet of CFI

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