Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Be the ME, You Created ME to Be

I experienced an awesome, personal, prayer session tonight. Those who know me, know how I feel about prayer. Prayer is not bringing a "wish list" to God. It's not talking a lot. Most talking by us should be words of thanksgiving and praise. Thanking God for the great things He has done, and giving Him praise for how awesome He is.

When we're in the presence of ultimate Wisdom, who should do most of the talking? I believe that I come into His presence to receive from Him. What does He have to say to me? That's what I want to know. From all He spoke to me tonight, I simply asked Him to help me to be the ME that He created me to be.

As I thought on that a bit, it sounds like a prayer we all should pray. So, if you'll join me ...

Father, to you be all glory, honor, and praise! Thank you for the patience you have with us, thank you for your mercy, and your grace! Father, thank you for who you created me to be. Thank you for the purpose you have for me. I thank you for the help you give me daily, to be who You created me to be. Give me wisdom, to walk the purpose you created in me to fulfill, and the understanding to walk that path you designed for me. I choose to be, who YOU created me to be. Thank you, Father.

(And to all those who prayed that prayer, and sincerely desire to be who God created you to be, please say with me ... ) AMEN!!!

(EXTRA note: for anyone who may not know what "AMEN" means ... what it does NOT mean is "good-bye" or "talk to you later" or any type of closing message ... WHAT IT MEANS is "so be it!" When you say "AMEN" to a prayer, you are saying, "So be it!" So, if you agree with that prayer, and want that prayer to come to pass, add the "so be it!!!) AMEN!!!

May God bless you, and make you a blessing to others,

Bishop Dennis
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