Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Time to Shout

Do not look at the day or time of this post and think it does not pertain to you. This is a divine appointment for you. There are several of "you." The Lord has led you to this page for such a time as this. He woke me from my sleep and directed me to record this for you. Prophecy is of no private interpretation, and He will lead others to this page for this message as well, but at this moment, what you must realize is, this is for you!

Just as Joshua led the children of Israel around Jericho, there came a time that the Lord commanded them to SHOUT! (Joshua 6) When he and the people shouted, the walls came down. It is time for YOU to shout. Shout for victory, because the Lord has torn down the walls that have restrained you from entering your promise! SHOUT! To God be the glory! I tell you now, be not ashamed ... SHOUT praises to God! SHOUT thanks to the Lord! Then see the walls of restraint crumble before you!

Those who have ears to hear, HEAR!

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