Friday, April 3, 2009

You ARE Forgiven!

Oh, how vital it is that we understand that we have been forgiven. Not that we "will be" forgiven, but we must understand that we "have been" forgiven. 2000 years ago, Jesus redeemed us, and forgave us. It is accomplished. Once for all He paid the price, and forgiveness has been bestowed upon us. Forgiveness has been established. It's not something we must "achieve," it is something we must "walk in."

Let me declare to you, by the authority given to me by God, through our Lord Jesus Christ ... You ARE forgiven!!! Forgiveness is not something we attain by our own efforts, it's something we receive through the finished work of Jesus Christ! It's not by our merits, but His! It's not by our efforts, but His!

Our boasting is not of our efforts, our worthiness, or our righteousness ... our boasting is in the Lord! We give Him praise, and thanks, for His mercy and grace!

Cease from your efforts of justification, and receive the justification that comes from His grace! His grace and forgiveness has been bestowed upon you, receive it, and walk in it! Mercy and truth will purge sin! Walk in the truth of God's Word. Walk in the forgiveness that has been poured out upon you!

Give God praise and thanks, and walk in His victory, and His grace!

May God bless you, and make you a blessing to others,
Bishop Dennis

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