Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Been A Little Bit

It's been a bit of time since i blogged last. Much has been going on. I'm in the process of a move. I'm attempting to get up to date on technology ... blogging, twitter, devices to make those things simpler, researching to update my computers, understanding my new iPhone (and now a new one is coming out) ... so, I have been kept busy.

I believe that technology has been created for us through God's wisdom to give Him glory. So many believe the devil creates such stuff. The devil is not a creator, he's a perverter. He perverts the creation of God. I believe that technology has been created for God's glory. I believe it is up to christians, to go in and possess the land (technology) and turn it around to give God glory with it. So, I'm attempting to get up to date on the technology, in order to do just that.

In the mid to late 90's, I was part of getting one of the first 24 hour "tv stations" online through the ministry I was involved with at the time. We broadcasted satellite programming 24 hours a day over the internet. We would cut into the programming with our LIVE services, and then go back to the programming after the service. Well ... now ... many ministries are doing similiar things.

It's time for me to now get caught up on the "new stuff" that's going on, and see how we can utilize it to get the message that "Jesus is Lord!" to the masses through this new technology.

For all you who follow this BLOG, I appreciate it, and thank you!

May God bless each of you abundantly, and make you a blessing to others,
Bishop Dennis

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