Monday, August 23, 2010

See the UNseen

"Why do you think you need that which you do not already possess? Why look at what you CAN see? Have I not told you that FAITH is the EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN? So, again, why look at only that which you can see? I am the God who calls into being that which does NOT exist. I will speak to you of those things that you cannot see, until you look through the eyes of FAITH. To see with the eyes of FAITH, you must first receive the word I speak to you. Have I not told you that FAITH comes by hearing, and hearing by My word? When I speak to you, FAITH comes ... and when you receive it, you then see into the realm of the UNSEEN. Do not follow after the way of those who when faith comes they reject it, and thus, they never see the UNSEEN. They accept that path, and that attitude. Do not follow their example. Stand up! Stand firm! Believe Me. I only have good for you. I will not disappoint you. As you receive My word, you receive Me. I will hold you, protect you, and show you great and mighty things that you've not seen before. Look not at the way things HAVE BEEN ... expect NEW things ... things that have never been before. Do not be bound by the past ... behold I'm doing a new thing. Step out in the faith which I have given you. Be ready for great things to overtake you. Rejoice! For I am with you," says the Lord.

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