Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gates of Hell

I'd like to propose a thought to each of you. I am guessing that most of you are familiar with Matthew 16:18, where Jesus talks about building His church, "and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." Have you truly meditated on this scripture? For the most part, when I hear references to this verse, it sounds as though when hell attacks the church (us), it will not prevail. We will overcome. However, here's the thought ... when was the last time you saw, or heard of, someone being attacked with a gate?

Hmmmm ... is a gate an offensive weapon? or a defensive weapon? I suggest to you that it is a defensive weapon. So, what is Jesus saying then? Could it be that we (the church) are to be attacking those gates and setting the captives free? Could it be that He is telling us that those gates cannot stop us, or prevail against us? Could it be that He's saying that as we go about doing what we are designed to do, and as those who are being held captive hear the Word of God, that those gates cannot stop the captives from being loosed?

Church ... it's time we go on the offensive instead of sitting back and waiting to be attacked. We are the attackers! We are to be on the offensive! We are to go and possess the land! We are to go and set the captive free! The defenses of darkness will not prevail against us! Go forth church ... rise ... shine ... and be victorious! Proclaim FREEDOM to the captives, in Jesus' name!

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