Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Man With A Dream (TRUE story)

This man had a dream ... and shared his dream with a close friend ... hoping his friend would lend him $10,000.
  • His friend slept on it.
  • Next day his friend told him that it was a great idea, but that he wouldn't risk the $10,000.
So, the man went to a bank, and got turn down.
  • He went to another bank ... got turned down.
  • He went to the 3rd, 4th, & 5th bank ... got turned down. (how many would have quit?)
  • He went to 100 banks ... got turned down.
Just a couple side-notes:
  • Who said it was going to be easy???
  • Pursue that God-given dream within you. He has a plan and purpose for YOU! He hasn't given up on you, don't YOU give up on Him. (You may want to listen to the 14-part Hope Series on my website. See the audio section at the bottom of the page on this link ... www.bishopdennisdavis.com/index.php/media/ministry)
The dream continued to burn within him.
  • He went to 200 banks ... to 300 banks ... he was turned down repeatedly.
Another side-note: So many quit too soon. It's not that they failed, it's just that success didn't come quick enough for them, so they give up, and quit. Think about this. Who did God give the dream to? YOU! Others may not see it, because God gave it to YOU! As you continue to pursue the dream He gave to YOU, others will begin to "catch" the vision. Stay faithful!

He went to 307 banks ... he was turned down by each of them.
  • UNTIL ... bank 308 took the risk on his idea.
  • So ... Walt Disney started Disneyland ...
  • and ... his friend, Art Linkletter, is still kicking himself for not taking a risk on his friend's idea.

May God bless you abundantly!!!

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