Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Contrasting a "Kingdom" Mindset with a "Church" Mindset

So much is happening! It's exciting to see, and be a part of, what God is doing upon the earth in this time. A paradigm shift is taking place in the world today, and particularly within the body of Christ.

I've been talking to many lately concerning the kingdom of God. I did an internet broadcast in December where I discussed the basics of the kingdom of God, and posed the question, "Is the church today preaching the 'gospel of the kingdom,' as Jesus did ... or, is it preaching the 'gospel of salvation?'" In the webcast, I pointed out the differences.

The following was a blog by Joseph Mattera, which I copied, in its entirety, from his website. I plan to follow up in the next couple days with at least two other blogs on the same topic. I hope you enjoy the following, and I hope it stimulates you to meditate on the reality of God's kingdom and our responsibility as believers.


Jesus, John the Baptist, and the apostles went about proclaiming the kingdom--not the church (read Matthew 3:2, 4:17, 10:7; Acts 28:30-31). Although the church is in the kingdom, it is not the entire kingdom.

“Kingdom” denotes the rule of God over the whole cosmos, not just a single entity on the earth, like the church. In spite of this, most preaching today has as its goal to get people to make a weekly two-hour commitment to come to a building on Sundays and to give tithes to support that building! This is because a spirit of religion has captivated the church and blinded the minds of church leaders, so that we now have a very limiting church mindset instead of a kingdom perspective. The negative results of this cannot be overstated.

In essence, a kingdom mindset regards Christianity as a biblical world and life view centered on the person of Jesus Christ who is Lord of all creation. This has vast political, economic, and sociological implications! Those with a church mindset view Jesus merely as the King of the church, not the King of all earthly secular kings.

The following are contrasts between these two mindsets:

1. A kingdom mindset releases all saints as ministers in the marketplace. A church mindset merely trains people to serve in a church building on Sundays.

2. A kingdom mindset creates wealth to transform a community and nation. A church mindset motivates giving to build our own church programs.

3. A kingdom mindset is a holistic approach that integrates the gospel with politics, economics, and public policy. A church mindset insulates the gospel from politics and public policy.

4. A kingdom mindset views the Bible as a blueprint to structure every aspect of society. A church mindset views the Bible merely as a pietistic book that enables us to escape the world, enter heaven, and be spiritual.

5. With a kingdom mindset churches embrace and love their surrounding unchurched communities. With a church mindset churches only embrace converted individuals within their faith communities.

6. A kingdom mindset trains people for all of life. A church mindset trains people only for church life.

7. A kingdom mindset nurtures leaders who are world changers and “cultural creatives” who articulate truth to society. A church mindset nurtures leaders who speak religious language relevant only to church people.

8. A kingdom mindset speaks of the rule of God over the entire created order. A church mindset speaks of the rule of God through deacons and elders over those in a church congregation.

9. With a kingdom mindset pastors release their people to their vocational callings in the marketplace. A church mindset controls people by marginalizing their marketplace callings and emphasizing only their Sunday ministries.

10. A kingdom mindset applies a Spirit-empowered approach to the natural world. A church mindset involves a spirituality that separates from the natural world.

11. Those with a kingdom mindset are working toward a renaissance of Christendom. Those with a church mindset merely strive for a particular expression (denomination) of Christianity.

12. Churches with a kingdom mindset equip 100% of the saints to fill up all things in every realm of life (Ephesians 4:10-12). Those with a church mindset have as their primary goal to equip the 2-3% of the congregation called to be full-time church pastors, ministers, and missionaries.


More thoughts concerning the kingdom of God to come soon.

May God bless you abundantly, and make you a blessing to others,

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