Monday, January 24, 2011

The Awakening is Upon Us!!!

Now many of you that have taken the time to read my facebook and twitter chatter, have heard me talking about an awakening. Up until tonight (you can tell me I've been hiding in a closet), but until tonight, I've not heard anyone else talking about an awakening. Tonight ... I read this ... "One of the things that we keep hearing for 2011 is AWAKENING is COMING! God is prophetically speaking to His people telling them to arise, awake, and accept the light of a new day!" Amazing! Glad someone is hearing it. The first and only time I've heard it, was some time ago while I was in prayer. It was birthed in my spirit, and it has been like a fire. Get ready.

I'm also the presiding Apostle/Prophet for CFI (Christian Fellowship International). I've prayed a lot about that. I kept telling my wife, I have to answer the question, "WHY?" Why CFI? This was back in October of 2010. I then found a book. It was discounted and only cost me a dollar. I look back and have NO IDEA why I picked up that book. I have NO IDEA why I purchased it after I picked it up. The ONLY reason it could have been, was that it was divinely prompted. That book answered so many of my questions. It would take a book, to explain all the answers the Lord revealed to me concerning questions that I'd had for years. However, through all that, the Lord revealed to me the WHY, that I'd been asking about. CFI is for equipping and empowering believers, and releasing them to fulfill the call of God on their lives. I've been communicating that to those who inquire about CFI, and anyone else that will listen. :-)

OK, having said that ... what else do I read tonight, from the same blog? (BTW, the blog I read can be found by clicking here ... it's by Brian Simmons, and it's about half way down the page.) The title is "Seven Components of a Great Life This Year and Some Celebrities Will Prophesy." He started out with what I mentioned in the opening paragraph of my blog here. Then he went into his 7 components. It was all good, but #4 was amazing, because in #4 he wrote:

    4. Empowerment of Others to Fulfill Their Ministry
    Non-controlling, equipping, releasing, affirming, fathers/mothers will arise in 2011. Will you be one of them? Now is the time to stop telling people in the Church what they can't do and begin to teach the saints what they can do! The works of Jesus are waiting for a faith-filled people to step out in ministry and do it! I love the legacy of John Wimber who taught our generation that we can "do the stuff." So why would we put so many barriers and restrictions and probations before God's people when He calls us to "do the stuff"? People who really know the power of God are now called to empower the people to know it, too! If you will give yourself like crazy to take off shackles from God's people and empower them to fulfill their ministry, 2011 will be the BEST year you've ever had!

I've recently been talking about coaching (similar to what he says about "fathers/mothers"), and how I see the need for everyone to have a coach. Yes, the Holy Spirit is our coach, but in case anyone hasn't noticed lately, some have had (admittedly) a rough time hearing that voice clearly. It is the responsibility of the mature to teach and train others how to hear that voice.

I find it amazing and exciting when the Lord does things like this. It stirs me when I get confirmation about what the Lord is doing. He has told us, by the mouth of two or more witnesses let everything be established.

I encourage you to get ready for a great outpouring ... a great AWAKENING. If you, or someone you know needs equipping and/or empowering, please visit the CFI website.

May God bless you abundantly, and make you a blessing to others,

Bishop Dennis Davis

Presiding Apostle/Prophet of CFI

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